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Hey :wave:

I'm Aalaa, but you can call me Lirrah, Lirr, ImAirheaded, Airhead - whatever you feel comfortable with :aww:

I'm 15 and I'm a giant art nerd
I don't really post on here as often as I should do tbh most of my things are on my art blog
I also love writing, sometimes roleplaying, making characters, singing aaaaaand swimming -w-

do not ask what type of music i like
because i can't even explain in genres
so i'm gonna just list some things that i like which include Mariana's Trench, Marina and the Diamonds, Temposhark, The All-American Rejects, Christina Perri, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, Paramore, The Cab, All Time Low, Anberlin, Lana Del Rey, The Maine, And One, Beyonce, Blue October, Celldweller, Switchfoot, Morning Parade, Train, The Script, Coldplay, Pink, Safetysuit, Neon Trees, Fall Out Boy, StooShe, Macklemore and a few others I can't be bothered with naming rn

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sorry mu :p

- available: as in a relationship?? depends

- age: 15

- annoyance: people who are rude to waiters and whatnot

- allergic: dust, smoke and suspended particles

- animal: lion

- actor: idk

- beer: nah

- birthday/birthplace: 9th august, orlando, florida

- best friends: idk 

- body part on opposite sex: shoulders and backs and chests and hgshdlkg

- best feeling in the world: sleeping for 10+ hours or getting a hug 

- blind or deaf: deaf so i can still draw and write (without having to learn braille)

- best weather: about 20 degrees with just a bit of warm sun especially when it's like just before sunset

- been in love: nah

- been sold out?: uhhh idk

- been on stage?: only in primary tbh

- believe in yourself?:  not really

- believe in life on other planets: maybe but i doubt they'd be the stereotypical GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORRRLD aliens

- believe in miracles: religion aside no

- believe in magic: nah

- believe in god: yes

- believe in satan: yes

- believe in santa: pff nah

- believe in ghosts/spirits: not really

- believe in evolution: mhmm

- car: idk

- candy: i don't like candy :B  but i'd say mint or s/t idk

- colour: indigo

- cried in school: yes

- chocolate/vanilla: chocolate

- chinese/mexican: is this meant to be talking about food or the actual people

- cake or pie: cake i've never eaten pie

- countries to visit: malaysia, japan, ireland, australia provided im not devoured by something 

- day or night: day especially morning

- dream vehicle:  i don't know cars soooooo

- danced: nah i can't

- danced in the rain?: nope

- danced in the middle of the street?:  nah

- do the splits?:  i could almost do it when i was like seven

- eggs: no than u

- eyes: brown

- everyone has: their own quirks? it took me a while to think of one

- ever failed a class?: no thankfully

- first crush: bleghelgkhgekhgekghegh

- full name: aalaa wael yassin

- first thoughts waking up: "what the hell was i just dreaming of"

- food: luscious chocolatey amazing brownies with a vanilla scoop of ice cream and hot chocolate sauce

- greatest fear: abandonment in a way i guess

- giver or taker: prolly giver

- goals: help people

- gum: yes please

- get along with your parents?: relatively yeah we get on pretty well

good luck charms: nahhh.


- hair colour: brown

- height: 5"1

- happy: working on it

- holiday: eid bc i can visit all my family (even if the social interaction is exhausting)

- how do you want to die: after having done everything i can 

- health freak?: nahhh.

- hate: a lot of people when people are just really careless and have zero understanding of the fact that what they do has an impact


(in guys)

ohh boy.
eye colour: something warm like a nice light brown

- hair colour: anything idm

- height: taller than me pls (and given my height that won't be hard so)

clothing style: something that *~suits~* them something that looks comfortable??? god idk

- characteristics: amusing, generous, listening, supportive i guess

- ice cream: vanilla with chocolate sauce or just chocolate

- instrument: flute and other woodwind(?) instruments are pretty

- jewelry: earrings and bracelets and anklets

- job: sldgkhsldgkh book critic or animator or character design 


- kids: yes please but only when im ready for it

- kickboxing or karate:  karate seems cool

- keep a journal?: no i can never maintain one

- longest car ride: 5-6 hours

- love: wat

- letter: a 

- laughed so hard you cried: yes and then i'd cry because i can't stop and then i'd laugh at myself for doing so

- love at first sight: that isn't love that's attraction

- milk flavor: chocolate

- movie: mulan or frozen

- mooned anyone?: god no

- marriage: yes *u*

motion sickness?: only when i read 

- mcd's or bk: i don't like fast food but mcdonalds

- number of siblings: 3

- number of piercings: 1

- number: four or seven


- overused phrases: "come look"

- one wish: people i care about to be happy i guess idk

- one phobia: fire

- place you'd like to live: not sure man i'd always wanna come back to egypt i'd think

- pepsi/coke: pepsi 


- quail: wat

- questionnaires: only if i'm interested

- reason to cry: blegheglehgeghgeh 

- reality t.v.: i don't watch tv mcuh

- radio station: nile fm probably

- roll your tongue in a circle?: yes

- song: probably something by paramore or animal by neon trees

- shoe size: 36 but i don't know international sizes or w/e

- sushi: nah

- skipped school: yes

- slept outside: no

- seen a dead body?: no 

- smoked?: ick no

- skinny dipped?: no

- shower daily?: nah usually i skip a day and then shower

- sing well?: no but i'll do it anyway

- in the shower?: no im too busy contemplating life

- swear?: yes

- stuffed animals?: too many

- single/group dates: probably single unless everyone knows each other ig

- strawberries/blueberries: strawberries

- scientists need to invent: a remembrall that tells you what you forgot

- time for bed: varies but i try to aim for about 9-10pm unless i have to get up exceptionally early in which case 7-8

- thunderstorms: yes pls

- touch your tongue to your nose?: yes

- unpredictable: nope

- under the influence?: if you're talking alcohol then no thank you

- understanding?: i try to be but im probably not 

- vegetable you hate: idk i don't like vegetables in general

- vegetable you love: does corn count

- vacation spot: sharm or hurghada

- weakness: art supplies and fictional characters

- when you grow up: be doing what i love

- which one of your friends acts the most like you:  idk dude

- who makes you laugh the most: probably my brothers

- worst feeling: trying to look for something misplaced/lost that's really important, worrying about someone and getting no closure as to what's happened or if they're okay

- wanted to be a model?: noooope

- worst weather: when it's just really really irritatingly cold and there's nothing to do but make a blanket fort or when it's just so hot that it's like you've stuck your head in an oven all day

- walk with a book on your head?: if my hands are busy but then i'll drop it

- x-rays: when i was four i broke my elbow and i still have the pictures somewhere

-year it is now: 2014

-yellow: cheerful and relaxing if it's a nice soft colour

- zoo animal: lion

- zodiac sign: leo

stealing memes one at a time

  • Mood: Alienated
  • Listening to: sleeping at last
  • Reading: the maze runner by james dashner
  • Eating: dairy milk bubbly chocolate

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